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Fare Thee Well, Good Readers

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Back in January, Annalee Newitz told me about her idea for an experiment: a site entirely devoted to the science and technology of sex. “Sign me up,” I said. It’s been a ton of fun. And now the experiment’s over.


I hope you learned a lot from reading Throb. I certainly learned a lot writing it. So thank you, Annalee, for giving me a phenomenal opportunity. Thanks also to Charlie Jane Anders, who helped keep me on track, and to everyone else I’ve worked with at Gizmodo and io9. Thanks especially to Maddie Stone, Ria Misra, and Katharine Trendacosta for being fantastic collaborators on stories, Jennifer Ouellette for polishing my writing until it shone, Adam Clark Estes for hooking me up with some sweet vibrator technology, and Rob Bricken, Cheryl Eddy, Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, Kaila Hale-Stern, and Bryan Lufkin for story tips, advice, and adorably snarky comments during my time here. And thanks to my readers and commenters, especially those who posted thoughtful questions and the experts who came out of the woodwork to add more depth to my posts.

I’m going to be in the lab this winter, yanking on tissues to learn more about how phalluses evolved. But I’m also working on some longer-format writing, and you can still find me on Twitter, in case you need a biomechanics/sex fix.


We’ll see one another again in some fashion. I’m sure of it.

Top image Tania Cataldo via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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